Volleyballtrener som gjør andre bedre

Shawn Weaver

Volleyballtrener som gjør andre bedre

Amerikansk artikkel om Shawn Weaver som havnet i rullestol 15 år gammel. 15 år senere har han en lang karriere som volleyballtrener å se tilbake på.

“For my self-esteem and personal self-worth, coaching volleyball has been so rewarding,” Weaver says.  “It is a great feeling being a desired and successful coach that is disabled, coaching non-disabled players advanced volleyball skills.”

AVCA (American Volleyball Coaches Association) Executive Director Kathy DeBoer videreformidler viktigheten av Weaver’s engasjement i studentenes liv.

“When it’s all said and done, volleyball is simply a tool to empower young people to believe in themselves and others,” sier DeBoer. “And no one embodies that promise more than Coach Shawn Weaver. He makes everyone around him better.”