Volleyball Magazine

Volleyball Magazine

Volleyball is the second most-played sport in the world. It is a universal game, played everywhere from indoor courts in Asia to the beaches of California and backyards the world over. The sport’s edgy, hard-hitting, and unique culture allow it to stand apart from the rest and draw a widespread crowd. VBM is the active sport’s magazine of choice, covering all aspects of the game and accompanying lifestyle. An outstanding resource for the community, VBM serves all who are passionate about volleyball. Since the magazine’s complete redesign in 2009, readers benefit from expanded coverage of competitions and events, nutrition and fitness tutorials, fashion and music tips, and health and beauty coverage. We have hard-hitting one-on-one conversations for the sport’s top leaders, in-depth international coverage, volleyball-specific nutritional recommendations, and much, much more. And all this is done with provocative imagery and visually stimulating layouts.


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